Stuehrmann’s Service Dog Training is a small private business located in Southern California’s Inland Empire. I started this business with the goal of helping dog owners enjoy and develop successful and fulfilling relationships with their dogs.

I have always enjoyed putting basic obedience on my own pet dogs, learning more and more from each dog in my life – each different from the other.

For a bit of information on myself, and maybe an explanation of why I love what I do:

From 2001 to 2012, I was a volunteer NASAR II Search & Rescue Technician with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Being a backpacker throughout my adulthood gave me an appreciation of the need to provide assistance for those in trouble while out in our beautiful back country regions. I love the work!!! Belonging to two different Units kept me very busy, but also very fulfilled. The technical rope team I belonged to was quite a challenge (myself being a bit afraid of heights) but wound up being very enriching and I was able to build on many, many skills that are necessary in rescue work. But my real calling drew me to provide S&R services with a well trained four-legged partner. So during this time I was also a member of the search dog team.

I have trained four of my own search and rescue partners. Two as live-find area search and rescue dogs. Both were Golden Retrievers. They were trained to seek out live human scent in a variety of situations – mountain forests, barren desert expanses, inside buildings, and buried under rubble. I also trained and worked two human remains detection dogs. One being a German Shepherd Dog and the other a Golden Retriever. They were trained to seek out any human remains, whether that be a deceased person, or evidence of such remains (bloody knife, clothing, etc.) also in all types of wild land and urban scenarios and weather.

I learned how all working dogs must first have to be properly evaluated for having a strong work temperament. And that means the dog needs to have extreme hunt drive, high activity level (like being an athlete), and be very biddable (trainable – wanting to work for its handler). I was lucky! All four of the dogs I evaluated (with the help of my mentor, Sheila McKee, a team mate with me on the dog team) stayed true to their working temperament as they matured and learned their new jobs.

I learned a lot from the search dog team. As a member, we all shared in the training, and taught the new members the detailed and time consuming skills of training a dog for such an important role. I can’t say enough of my former team mates who stepped up to the plate when I was new and taught me oh so much!!! Working dogs are trained heavily in the foundation of bomb-proof obedience, and then trained in the specific discipline they will be working in.

I have since retired from search and rescue, and now work my last search dog in competitive obedience. Cujo (Golden Retriever – yes, I know, odd name for a delightfully sweet and highly driven dog) was my last human remains detection dog that I still occasionally work privately for local LE departments. And since he and I both need something to do, obedience competition filled the void of not being on a formal search unit any more.

I have also trained my German Shepherd Dog in personal protection – a discipline I had not trained in before. So there is a lot more I am learning about dog training.

So, there is my history, and I am very serious about providing dog owners with tools and techniques to have a happy, healthy dog in their households. I mainly train privately at your home, and address not only obedience for your dog (to build leadership in the owner and loyalty in the dog) but also to provide management training for having a dog in the home, and address some behavioral issues.

I do not train/certify “service” dogs as the company name may suggest. The name of my business is named after my parent’s business at which they worked hard at to raise myself and my siblings. I honor them both by incorporating “Stuehrmann’s Service” into my business name.

People I Want To Thank In My Journey:

Mom and Dad – for instilling in me my love of the wilderness and somehow in my desire to serve.

My Siblings – for allowing me to survive my (and their) childhood.

Sheila McKee, Mt. View K9 Training – for guiding me and teaching me and yelling at me (well, maybe speaking forcefully) to encourage my “all about dog training” learning process.

Laura Wolbert Relph, former dog team mate – for being there with our similarities in personality to achieve the orderly progression of working in a volunteer S&R unit, and for continuing to set up many, many search scenarios for myself and my dogs once we retired from the Department.

Christine Combs, fellow HRD dog handler, who also spent many an hour working with me and the dogs.

And last, but certainly not least, Theron Dunn, Day One German Shepherd Dogs, who has been a breath of fresh air, friend, and talented guy who helped immensely in the creation of this web site.

I am looking forward to helping you out with your dogs sometime soon!!!

Christine Stuehrmann